Hello CM Department, my name is Anna Hall; I am a Senior in Construction Management!  Wentworth is a great school, ensuring to provide you with plenty of experience before graduation, thanks to the co-op program. In my Fall Semester of 2016, I attended the CMAA Rising Star, and National Conference in San Diego, with the CM Club. While attending such an event you not only gain knowledge and information from the people speaking and teaching, but you gain relationships with professionals in the field. During one of the mingling breakout sessions, I was talking with industry professionals asking advice as I was in the middle of searching for my first required co-op. I eventually stumbled upon Charlie Boylard, one of the owners of MBP – the company where I did my two mandatory co-ops and will be working at full-time upon graduation. Charlie provided me with knowledge, and what would become a life-changing opportunity.

As someone who took part in the optional, and two mandatory co-ops with the CM department. I felt as though I was always learning and coming back to school with a better understanding of what is discussed in the classroom. Some of my co-ops were hands-on, and some not so much. Working with a company that allowed me to grow, allowed me to learn all different aspects of what a construction manager does, and the task and responsibilities of the job.

The CM Department at Wentworth does a fantastic job helping you find a co-op or a job fitting your wants and needs. While Wentworth holds frequent Job Fairs, the CM Department also offers a CM only job fair in the fall semester to assist students with finding jobs, or companies that interest them.  Also, Wentworth has a website called WitWorks, which helps students search for job postings, for co-ops or full-time employment.

Learning as much as possible from each co-op and different position I took, applying it to what we learn in class, and taking time to learn about the technology and people in my industry, have prepared me for the next steps in my life. Graduating from Wentworth with a Degree in Construction Management allowed me to experience three completely different jobs, find me a company and a career in the Industry, and be confident that I will be successful in my career.

Written By Anna Hall (CM Club Acting President)


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