The WIT CM Club is participating in Boston’s CANstruction competition and fundraising event! For those don’t know about CANstruction, it is a competition that helps raise hunger awareness and donates food to those in need. There are teams of people that create non-perishable, canned food sculptures to fit the year’s theme. This year’s theme is Heroes vs. Villains, and the CM Club is creating a Batman vs. The Riddler figurine sculpture for the competition. Once the competition is over, all the canned food will be donated to those in need.

We have completed the initial design phase and are starting to collect cans. Check out our designs below to see what we will be creating!

Canstruction Iso View 2
Batman vs. The Riddler – WIT & NEU Canstruction Boston 2018 Design Model

As you can see, we still have a lot to do before we will be ready to build the sculptures prior to the competition in October. If you are interested in collecting cans or building the sculpture, there is still time to sign up! You can sign up for the specific part of the event you wish to help with, or you can sign up for everything, it’s up to you!

Currently, we need volunteers to help set up the CANstruction design for the competition. Set up day is Saturday October 6th, and will start at 8:00am and finish at 8:00pm, unless we finish construction of the sculpture early. There will be 3 shifts lasting 4 hours each, and we are looking to get 5 people per shift.

If interested in signing up, click here or email us at! If you wish to learn more, contact us at or talk to the CM Club at the annual CM Club BBQ on September 25th.


Written by Andrea Fredericks (CM Club Acting President)

Fredericks Headshot

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