Hello everyone. My name is Alexia Ralphs and I am a Junior in Construction Management. If I know one thing about college kids, we would do anything for more time and free money! Although I can’t really help with the time thing, I may be able to help you get some free money, just for being in the CM major.

One of the easiest things you can do is simply just ask. Email your financial aid councilor and Professor Sumner! Ask if you can get more money because you are really interested in this major and want to learn as much as you can, but you are constraint by money and may not be able to handle it financially. It may not work but at least you tried…

The second thing you can do is apply for the Endowed Scholarships that Wentworth sends out at the end of the Spring semester. The school will send a link to a website that has a whole bunch of different scholarships. The way that the website works is very similar to the Common App website, you just fill out a page that has all your information and a few short essays (Pro Tip always save your essays because chances are, people will be asking similar questions/you can use the same essays for the next year) and then submit it. Once you do that, the program will send it out to a majority of the scholarships on the website. There are a few others that you need to write separate essays for though. No matter what the other scholarships say they are for, apply anyway because you still may get it – even if it’s not CM-specific!

Similarly, another resource that most college students forget about/do not think they can utilize, is to apply for the general scholarship that your hometown may have sent you. In my hometown, our high school scholarship was called “Dollars for Scholars” and although it is mostly targeted toward high school students, there are some for college students too. So, if you had something like this in your hometown, investigate it!

The last thing I can say is be proactive. Look on google, ask professors, ask upperclassmen if there is another CM or any other sort of scholarship that you could apply for and receive. I did this and applied for the AGC Scholarship and ended up being one of the recipients.

There are always random people trying to give their money to students in order to better their education. Make one of those people you, even if that means having to write a few essays. Get that free money.


Written By Alexia Ralphs – CM Club Acting Secretary

Alexia Ralphs

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