In today’s post we focus on a Wentworth Alum, Joe Kelly (CM ’99) of Mass Construction Consultants who has released a new podcast about all things construction in Massachusetts and beyond. Topics include risk, project management, pre-con, real estate development, code, construction technology, and more, which should benefit and interest students in the Construction Management program.

One of the first guests featured was Mike Fallon, Chief Investment Officer of the Fallon Company who holds a Master of Science degree in Construction Management from Wentworth. He stopped by the Mass Construction Show and talked with Joe about all things real estate development, including how a developer assesses a project, macro and micro data analysis, the impact that construction cost has on product, how zoning precedent changes the structure of a deal, and what goes into a “pro forma.” They also talked about some demographic challenges that affect the construction labor market.  He answered the million-dollar question: If everybody needs Class B (affordable) real estate why do we keep building more Class A? For students interested in the new real estate concentration that Wentworth is offering, this episode is a must listen.

Mass Cons Consultants 1

The podcast features music by Sound Revolution, whose lead singer and guitarist Matt Fante is Vice President of Darante Construction in New York and also a Wentworth graduate (CM ’99).

Mass Cons Consultants 2

For any current Wentworth student preparing for a professional career in or related to the field of construction, offers content contributed by industry professionals who share their experiences and expertise to support one another’s growth; the goal is for all of us to be better at what we do. Have a listen to the show and a big shout out to Joe Kelly for his involvement with Wentworth and its Construction Management program, thank you!


Multi-Platform via Anchor


Written by Cam Neely (CM Club Secretary)


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