To Secure your Dream co-op:

  • A Polished Resume- At this point, between being a student at the #1 Construction Management program in the USA, and having the credentials to be accepted into Wentworth. Essentially all of us have the ability to create a very competitive resume. If you haven’t already I highly recommend sitting down with Janel Juba at Co-ops and Careers to create the resume employers will love. The hard part is done, now its time to take advantage of your accomplishments
  • A Nice Padfolio- While this one might seem small, having something nicer than a pile of papers such as a Wentworth padfolio while meeting possible employers can go a very long way. Remember that these people will depend on you to be a positive representative of their company, and appearance is a large part of that.
  • Attend the Job Fair- The job fair that is offered twice a year is, without a doubt, the BEST way to meet employers. The people you meet at the booth is a unique look into the company and can help to give you an idea of their culture.
  • A Solid Idea of What you Want- One of the first questions almost every employer will ask you is what kind of position you would want if you were hired. If you know what it is that you want, it can help you narrow down your searches.

What to bring to the office for your interview:

  • Another copy of your resume- Although they most likely will have it, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is forgetting to bring it. Having it printed on resume paper can also be a nice touch.
  • Padfolio/notepad- Taking notes during an interview is vital, not only does it make you look better, but taking notes will help you write a meaningful follow up email.
  • The right attitude- A huge part of the interview process is simply getting a first impression on each other, having a good attitude when answering questions and positive body language can make all the difference.

Your First Day/Field Walks

  • Office Shoes and Steel Toe Boots- In construction, you never know where the day might take you, especially your first day. Even though you may have an office job, employers very well may take you on a site for a variety of reasons. Have your gear ready because you’ll most likely need it.
  • Plenty of Water/Food- Its construction, you never will know what the day will bring. On hot days, almost nothing is more dangerous than not having enough water. Food is often forgotten when its your first day, you never know what site you will be on, what the demands are and what will be open around you. Trust me, I have been unprepared with this one before.
  • A notepad- On my first day this one was stressed to me by other employees, one of the most unprofessional things you can do is walk into a meeting empty handed. I was meeting with the president of a subcontractor on my last co-op and I witnessed someone get kicked out of the meeting by their president.
  • Anything that you think you might need- If you have a car and think it might come in handy, just bring it. It is always better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it.


If anybody has any questions or concerns about their co-op or job search, please come and ask me. I would be happy to help.


Written by Austin Hoag (CM Club Operations Manager)

Austin Hoag



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