Diversity in the Construction Management field is rapidly increasing, and the number of women involved with the profession is also on the rise. This means great things for the future of construction, as this has the potential to solve many current challenges related to skilled labor shortages and overall industry innovation.

To capitalize on this fact, on Wednesday, January 22nd, the Wentworth Construction Management Club (CM Club) held a networking event geared towards women who are currently pursuing a degree related to the built environment and/or Construction Management. The event was organized in part by Shawmut Design and Construction alongside the WIT CM Club student board. The purpose of the event was to bring women professionals onto campus to engage with current students and provide insight into the available career paths for CM professionals and day-to-day activities of various positions.

Overall, the event saw 9 regional/national companies in attendance with a total of 21 representatives from those companies!  The following companies were in attendance:

  1. Shawmut Design and Construction
  2. Sulllivan & McLaughlin Companies
  3. Lee Kennedy Construction
  4. Columbia
  5. Wayne Griffin
  6. Bond
  7. Chapman Construction
  8. CMC Design + Build
  9. Gilbane Building Company

The event was a huge success and was the first part of a series of scheduled “Women in Construction” events throughout the Spring 2020 semester. The following are some quotes from women students in attendance:

“The CM Women’s Speed Networking event was a very fun and empowering event. I felt inspired and enlightened interacting and connecting with these amazing women.


It was wonderful listening about each company and journeys to a Construction Management career. In addition, students had the opportunity to ask many questions and listen to their answers. I am really glad I attended, and I look forward to eventually be working alongside these women in the industry.”

  • Chaise Kakuk (WIT CM Class of ’23)


“This was my first time attending a networking event with the CM Club. Being one of the few girls in my major, it was truly inspiring and motivating to see how many established and successful women, many of whom got their education from Wentworth, were out there in the industry and happy to talk with us. Getting to hear about these women’s educational background and their day-to-day life in their position made me feel secure in my pursuit of a Construction Management degree at Wentworth. Having the chance to listen and learn more about the wide variety of job possibilities available made me hopeful and excited to see what future experiences and opportunities I will have at Wentworth and beyond. I was happy to have participated in such a useful event that helped to connect students with industry professionals.”

  • Justice Reardon (WIT CM Class of ’23)


“This event was one of my favorite club events that I have ever been a part of. I loved seeing how all the industry women came together to help give education and guidance to our young students. This event was very empowering and made me proud to be a part of this club and this school. I hope to see all these women again at the next event. I hope that one day I can come back to this school and continue to empower our young professionals the way these ladies had.”

  • Alexia Ralphs (WIT CM Class of ’20)


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