Wentworth’s very own John Cribbs, Ph.d. was recently featured on an episode of Joe Kelly’s Mass Construction Show podcast, recorded right here in the BIM Lab. Who is Joe Kelly you ask? Well if you haven’t heard of him yet, he’s a Wentworth CM Alum who’s been in the Boston-area construction industry for about 20 years, who’s most recent venture is running his own consulting company, and recording the podcast on the side. Joe knows a ton about construction, is a huge supporter of the CM Club, and has a vast network of people he’s worked with, so we’re always happy to see him on campus. They even gave the CM club a shoutout in a “shorty” episode about Construction Management at Wentworth.

On the podcast, the two talked about the imminent global shortage of sand – which at first might sound like a strange topic – but will inevitably have huge impacts on the construction industry. The discussion carries from possible alternatives to the materials we are used to building with, to global economics, to how intelligent designs may be a (partial) solution to reducing dependence on natural resources. Definitely a thought provoking listen. Makes you question how construction will have to adapt in the future, and the ethics associated with what seems like exponential development.

Check out the podcast here, and Joe Kelly’s website for more. He’s had some really cool guests and covered great topics so take a look.

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