Yesterday, Callahan Construction Managers gave us a walk through of their ongoing project at 700 Brookline Ave, the Hilton Garden Inn. The project team had a great tour setup for us, starting in the job site office with a project overview, some of the unique challenges of the project, a detailed look at the 3D coordination model, followed by a walk through of the active site which lasted over an hour. The project team was super knowledgeable and excited to share with our curious students, and our walk through was even co-led by a Wentworth CM student who is a Co-op working on the project.

The building features a cast-in-place concrete structure on the lower levers, with  structural steel on the upper levels, making coordination of items like MEP systems and the window wall facade critical, especially when combined with the complexity of post tensioned concrete slabs. The date of our tour followed just a few days after Callahan go their final inspections, so we got to see all of the building systems in place, just as they were beginning to close in the walls. We saw drywall going up, concrete stairs being poured, elevators being installed, and more. Check out what some of the students had to say:

“It was great that the MEP superintendent led our tour. He was able to show us all of the systems in place and explain them in detail. I was surprised at how tightly packed some of that work is.”

“I didn’t realize how complicated it is to build a post-tensioned slab. I thought it was very cool to see the Revit model and all the work that goes into planning a big pour like that.”

The CM club extends a great thanks to all of the folks at Callahan Construction Managers for taking the time to schedule and host the tour. Our club would never be able to provide such interesting opportunities without the industry support from companies like them. We look forward to more partnership with Callahan in the future!

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