The Moles is an organization dedicated to the heavy construction Industry, established in 1937. Since 1962 the Moles have been hosting an annual event, and until recently only in New York City. In 2019 The Moles hosted their first Boston Area Event and now have scheduled the 2nd annual Boston-Area Students Day Tour to a major construction site. This is the second year in a row that the Moles have extended an invitation to students at Wentworth.

This year the Student Tour will be to one of the largest construction projects in the Boston area – the Green Line Extension Project (GLX). The MBTA has been gracious enough to agree to allow the Moles to host the morning lecture portion of the program, and provided their offices as a hub to initiate the tour. After the morning presentation, students are brought to a series of sites along the 4.3 mile long project, detailing specific aspects of the construction process along the way,  after which they return to the large
conference room for Lunch and a closing presentation closing. This year’s sites are different from 2019, highlighting the progress that has been made.


The tour is open to approximately 20 Wentworth Students, preferably Juniors and Seniors, but if interested possibly freshman and Sophomores as well (See Mike D’Agostino). If you’re interested in being part of the group, please submit your information on the signup form above.

A bus to and from the site visit will leave Wentworth promptly at 7:30am and return at approximately 2:30pm. Breakfast and Lunch generously provided by the Moles organization. All students required to be prepared with proper clothing (work boots/ hiking books, long pants and shirts).

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